Printing Operator

Company Name:
2Work Staffing
The Printing Operator is in charge for the qualitative printing of the second coating layer in which they also manage the printing process in order to ensure the continuity of the production process. They are responsible for a perfect work preparation for each shift change and take the thorough cleaning of the previous shift change for their account.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Prepare each production cycle based on the planning schedule (e.g. charging correct print cylinders, printing rollers, ink, zero points)
- Visual check and adjusting the running production cycle if necessary (general printing image, reporting, printing stripes, enough ink for next run,)
- Cleaning up the last production and the used rollers (e.g. always clean the ink containers)
- Control for damage of the print cylinders
- Operating the hoist
- Maintain communication with the foreman and the chief operator printing
- Smooth handover of the work station to the next shift
- Responsible for order and cleanliness in the work environment and strictly comply with the safety rules
High School Diploma or GED and have several years of experience in the operation of production machinery.
Experience working in the printing industry and continuous processes

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