Paste Kitchen Operator

Company Name:
2Work Staffing
The main task of the Paste Kitchen Operator is to supply the different coating tables on the vinyl production line with paste in order to ensure the continuity of the production process. They prepare, based on standard recipes, the paste products and auxiliary products and weigh the products to the proper dosage. They constantly ensures that the proposed quality of the paste and auxiliary products is pursued.
Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Supply the coating tables on the production line
- Maintain a thorough knowledge of the raw materials and the recipes
- Create work orders
- Control the paste kitchen via the computer system and master the different paste towers/silos/tanks
- Quality control of the finished pastes
- Sorting waste material
- Driving the forklift
- Smooth handover of the work station to the next shift
- Responsible for order and cleanliness in the work environment and strictly comply with the safety rules
High School Diploma or GED and have several years of experience in the operation of production machinery.
Experience working with a compound tower in the same or similar business.
Basic computer skills and hold a certificate for driving forklift

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