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2Work Staffing
The colorist-inkmaker is responsible for the preparation of the color recipes and recipe combinations. They also function to make preparations and corrections during the production process in order to ensure the process continuity.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Preparing color recipes and recipe combinations
- Assessing the usability of the recipes for production
- Carry out the necessary preparations for the production run
- Executing the necessary corrections on the machines
- Follow-up dosed production according to the planning and follow-up of the used recipe barrels
- Accurately keep track of the order of recipes for production and
- Determine the formulas for the recycled ink
- Intervene in production process if necessary, make fast decisions while production is running
- Smooth handover of the work station to the next shift
- Responsible for order and cleanliness in the work environment and strictly comply with the safety rules
High School Diploma or GED and have several years of experience in the operation of production machinery.
Experience working with color charts in the same or similar business.
Basic computer skills.

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